Emerging Writers: Guest Post #6 Valley of Thracians – Using Location as a Character in a Novel

Posted by on Feb 3, 2013 in Guest Posts

Valley of Thracians is a suspense novel that can also be described as a “fiction travel book”. Ellis Shuman was born in the United States, but has lived in Israel since the age of fifteen. He served in the Israeli army, was a founding member of a kibbutz, and now lives near Jerusalem. He works in Internet marketing and writes in his spare time. He has just published a collection of short stories, The Virtual Kibbutz, which deals with the changes in this Israeli society....

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Foreshadowing. What makes you read on? #4

Posted by on Nov 30, 2012 in On Writing

This is the final post in this series, created as a lead in the launch of The Jerusalem Puzzle ebook on Monday Dec 3rd.  We have had: A sense of adventure. What makes you read on? #1 Action opening alternatives. What makes you read on? #2 A sense of mystery. What makes you read on? #3 and now this final post in the series. Foreshadowing, for me, comes in two forms. The first is the simple, “something different was about to happen” phrase inserted in the text,...

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A sense of adventure. What makes you read on? #1

Posted by on Nov 3, 2012 in On Writing

  The above picture is of the start of a demonstration in east Jerusalem in early 2012. As I photographed it I could feel the hairs on my head standing up. Behind me there were crowds of people watching what was going on. Every eye on Sultan Suleiman street was following the action. There was yelling too. And a lot of young men. The main group was waving a Palestinian flag and chanting in Arabic. The mounted Israeli police were moving in. A demonstrator had died the...

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The Jerusalem Puzzle proofs & new tag line

Posted by on Oct 15, 2012 in On Writing, The Jerusalem Puzzle

A Brutal Murder. An Ancient Evil. A Secret Revealed. This is the new tag line for The Jerusalem Puzzle I sent my corrections to The Jerusalem Puzzle page proofs back to Harper Collins on schedule at 5am this morning. The proofs were a PDF document with 400 pages showing exactly how the book will look when it is released in paperback format 3rd January 2013 and in ebook format 3rd December, in a month and a half. I listed corrections, words to be deleted mainly with some...

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The Jerusalem Puzzle update

Posted by on Sep 29, 2012 in On Writing, The Jerusalem Puzzle

I am working on the page proofs of The Jerusalem Puzzle right now. These are a pdf document with the pages as they will appear in the final book. I am deleting here and there, adding a word, but moving fast through them. I will have them back to Harper Collins mid October. I have also received good news on two other fronts, including the ebook of The Jerusalem Puzzle coming out December 3rd. When I get a link I will post it. The paperback will be out Jan 3rd. Other...

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