A Vatican challenge & its fear of Egyptian occult symbols – updated

Posted by on Mar 12, 2013 in Historical Puzzles

Here are the rosary beads I bought at the Vatican. Entwined with them are Muslim worry beads I purchased in Jerusalem: Francis vowed to bring a new outlook to the papacy. As he is a Jesuit with a vow of poverty I am surprised he has refused to sell off most of the Vatican property and art collection to fund hospitals and other good works. He is the man in charge of a grossly wealthy Papacy. He brings the Jesuit vow of poverty into disrepute by allowing the Church to remain...

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The Pope resigns as signs split the heavens

Posted by on Feb 16, 2013 in Historical Puzzles

I am creating these posts to record the results of my investigations into developments at the Vatican and the implications for the puzzle I uncovered in Istanbul. For a fictional account of that go here. The recent resignation of the pope throws a new light on everything that has happened so far. To any of you who are superstitious you will also have noticed the lightning strikes on the Vatican within hours of the announcement and the meteor strike over Russia, which...

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A serious puzzle for the Catholic church

Posted by on Feb 12, 2013 in Historical Puzzles

Pope Benedict resigning is a serious puzzle. Paul Poupard, a French cardinal,  told Le Figaro, the leading French newspaper, that he knew from the very first words of the speech that Pope Benedict was leaving. “I understood from the very first words and I said ‘My God’,” Cardinal Poupard, is reported to have said in Le Figaro. Cardinal Paul Joseph Jean Poupard has been a cardinal since 1985. Cardinal Poupard has made it clear that he was “in...

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The 5th Puzzle: Why Are the Treasures of Istanbul Unknown?

Posted by on May 22, 2011 in Historical Puzzles

When I was growing up I heard nothing about the beauty and wonders of Istanbul. I heard a lot about the wonders of Paris and Rome, but nothing positive about Istanbul. And I am a voracious reader of newspapers and magazines. Istanbul was the city of Midnight Express, a one-sided depiction of pure violence, and occasionally a political story would appear about a coup or a new government. Imagine my surprise when I went to Istanbul to discover: 1. A museum that was the...

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